Austrian Network Optimization Group

Welcome to ANOG, the Austrian Network Optimization Group.
ANOG is a working group within ÖGOR, the Austrian Society of Operations Research.

Networks are found everywhere in our daily lives: from physical networks that provide power, communication, and transportation, to biological networks, or logical networks that model scheduling of interdependent tasks. Networks provide a general framework for modeling and studying problems that frequently have much wider applicability than their originating context.

The goal of our working group is to bring together researchers and industry partners from Austria working in the field of network optimization.
This platform should allow for better exchange of ideas regarding open network optimization problems, their design and mathematical analysis, and efficient algorithms used for solving them to (sub)optimality.

Recent activities:
Mini-Workshop “Combinatorial Optimization for Personalized Medicine“, October 1, 2014
Workshop “Routing and Networks“, January 15, 2014
Workshop “Optimization Tools for Next Generation Telecommunication Networks“, March 6, 2013

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Markus Leitner
Ivana Ljubic